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      Celebrating Mid-Autumn Day

      時間:2013-9-16 10:58:14  作者:  來源:  

      “Up towards the glorious moon I raise my head. Then lay me down-and thoughts of home arise.” Mid-Autumn Day is a day for reunion in China, and the round moon reflected the feeling of homesickness of international students. On September 16, 2013, College of International Education gets students together to make moon cakes in the 1st student dormitory. In consideration of the customs of Islamism, this time, we prepare fruit moon cake ingredients.

      From dough, cutting, weighing, filling, embossing, the water spray, brush egg liquid to oven baking, trays of golden moon cakes made by international students come out. Students are so eager to taste their work even forget how hot moon cakes are.

                                    Writing: Bi Meng; Photography: Zhang Zenan Translation: Stella Yang

      Copyright © 2012-2015     Harbin Medical University     International Education College
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